Tomakomai Experimental Forest Forest Research Station

The Tomakomai Experimental Forest (ca. 2,700 ha) was established in 1904. The forest is located next to Tomakomai, 60 km from Sapporo. Twenty five percent of the forest is a plantation, and the other parts are occupied by broad-leaved and natural forests. The forest’s soil is volcanic ash from Mt. Tarumae, and freezes deeply during winter. Rivers from springs flow in the forest, creating a large wetland. Research focusing on the mechanisms in maintaining biological communities, the interaction between forests and rivers, the improvement of the conservation of genetic resources, and the multipurpose utilization of forests is conducted. This forest is popular with Tomakomai citizens as a place for meditation and spiritual renewal.

Tomakomai Experimental Forest
Takaoka, Tomakomai, Hokkaido, 053-0035, JAPAN
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