Shizunai Livestock Farm Agro-ecosystem Research Station

The Shizunai Livestock Farm (ca. 470 ha), which is situated on a hillside in the Hidaka Mountains, was established in 1950 and has been used for training students and field research in animal production based on the utilization of sloped lands. The livestock raised here includes about 150 beef cattle, and 100 horses (Dosanko, Hokkaido native ponies and others). Research focused on high roughage feeding systems for beef cattle, Dosanko horses, and nutrition and grazing animals’ behavior is conducted. Current research activities are: beef-cattle and horse production on mountainous sloped-land ecosystems, the nutrient cycle in land used for animal production, biodiversity on woodland pasture grazed by native horses.

Shizunai Livestock Farm
111, Shizunaimisono, Shinhidaka, Hokkaido, 056-0141, JAPAN
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