Section of Bio-resource Development

Research and education focus on the following topics: management, improvement and usage of farm products and biomasses that are appropriate for cold regions. In addition, it studies the plant resources that reduce the environmental load, evaluates the components and functions of these products, and estimates the energy products on the farms.

  • (1)Bio-resource Exploitation and Utilization Research Group
  • (2)Applied Bio-resource Research Group

Section of Ecosystem Conservation

The aim of this group is to understand the relationship between the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental conservation in ecosystems that are in harmony with human activities in the northern biosphere. For this purpose, long-term monitoring systems in these ecosystems and education and research projects on the technical development of bio-production are conducted.

  • (1)Conservation Biology Research Group
  • (2)Aquatic Bio-resources and Environment Research Group
  • (3)Marine Bio-resource Conservation Research Group
  • (4)Marine Ecosystem Change Analysis Research Group

Section of Sustainable Bio-production Systems

For sustainable bio-production systems, the degradation of environmental resources associated with human activities must be minimized. In this section, three groups focus their research and education on constructing inventories of regional resources, construction of nutrient-cycling systems through the use of undeveloped resources, and monitoring nutrient cycling in the biosphere.

  • (1)Regional Resources Management Research Group
  • (2)Bio-production System Research Group
  • (3)Nutrient Cycling Research Group

Section of Biodiversity

This section conducts comprehensive studies on the diversity of terrestrial and aquatic organism living in the northern biosphere ecosystems from various aspects taking into consideration the mechanisms of bio-diversity and evolution, especially focusing on the maintenance and function of populations, phylogeny and life cycle strategies of plants, and the study of the molecular development of aquatic organisms. Collection and conservation of genetic resources are also carried out. The final goal of this section is to identify the adaptation procedures and strategies used by these organisms and to establish a comprehensive conservation system.

  • (1)Plant Diversity Research Group
  • (2)Phycology Research Group
  • (3)Marine Animal Development Research Group

Section of Ecosystem Function

This section focuses on the interactions of changing ecosystems by integrating data from forests, rivers, lakes, agricultural lands and seacoasts at both regional and global scales. Research on the carrying capacity of the environment, the restoration of devastated ecosystems, and the utilization and the conservation of ecosystems is also conducted.

  • (1)Forest Function Research Group
  • (2)Watershed Function Research Group

Section of Population and Community Ecology

This section analyzes the structure and the function of biological communities by field experiments and observations. Processes of the co-occurrence of a community from forests to coastal marine ecosystems are also examined.

  • (1)Forest Dynamics Research Group
  • (2)Forest Ecology Research Group
  • (3)Community Ecology Research Group