Muroran Marine Station Aquatic Research Station

Muroran Marine Station (formerly, The Institute of Algological Research, Hokkaido University) was founded in 1933, and a new building, including facility accommodations was completed in 2012. The coastline of Muroran is rich in marine flora and fauna due to the influence of the cold Kurile Current and the warm Tsugaru Current. Over 200 species of marine macroalgae have been reported, and several species are growing at either their northern or southern limits. Recent research using macroalgae focuses on (1) molecular and cell biological studies on fertilization and development, (2) physiological studies on the mechanism of morphogenesis, (3) improvements on the gene transfer technique, (4) nutritional physiology. Educational courses on phycology, including taxonomy and developmental biology for undergraduate students of Hokkaido University, are conducted during the summer. Similarly, open courses for undergraduate and graduate students of other universities including from foreign countries are held every summer.

Muroran Marine Station
133-31, Funamicho1, Muroran, Hokkaido, 051-0013, JAPAN
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