Hiyama Experimental Forest Forest Research Station

The Hiyama Experimental Forest (ca. 102 ha) was established in 1956. The forest is located at Hiyama, in southern Hokkaido, and at the northern limit of the cool temperate zone. The vegetation is characterized by mixed stands of beech (Fagus crenata) and oak (Quercus mongorica var. grosseserrata). The natural regeneration of the mixed beech-oak forest has been studied, and a mature beech stand is being used as a vegetation model. Research is now oriented towards developing a forestry model based on traditional rural cultures and the activities of local farmers. Other studies are examining charcoal production, cultivation of root vegetables (Japanese yam) under larch plantations, and developing small-scale forestry systems.

Hiyama Experimental Forest
Ohdome, Kaminokuni, Hokkaido, 049-0611, JAPAN
f-hiyama [at] fsc.hokudai.ac.jp