Staff : Academic staffs

The Experiment Farm has 5 faculty members. For undergraduate students, we have some programs of Freshman Seminar in General Education, and classes for the Faculty of Agriculture. For graduate education, we are belonging to the Graduate School of Environment Science, and provide education programs in Course in Agro-Ecosystem Science, in Division of Biosphere Science. Faculty members commit management of the Experiment Farm and research activities as well as extension services.

ARAKI, Hajime / 荒木 肇

Position Professor
My work I am in charge of overall agricultural practice programs and adjust contents of practice programs for student education. I am managing Horticulture Section including Yoichi orchard farm in University farm. Because nursery production started from the early spring, I usually visit nursery house or greenhouse every morning. The safety check of the workplace of university farm is my duty as a chief person of security and sanitary.
Profile I am from Kuriyama-cho, Hokkaido. The elementary school was closed for 2-3 weeks in May because of rice-transplanting when I was a child. The parents' house is switched to an onion farming from rice growing by a Government policy of reduction of the rice production. After life in Niigata for 12 years, I began to work for University Farm, Hokkaido University,  from 2003. "A cow is a chief character in the cow’s barn and crops is same in the greenhouse. ‘If an examination begins; crops-centered life will start’ is a motto. Usually I move by bicycle inside the farm. I am fan of Major leagues baseball and European soccer. I like youth songs with dreams.
Message The Sapporo Agricultural Collage produced many talented people. Nowadays, the talented person who can manage the agriculture with scientific knowledge is necessary. Please make your life with sense of justice, without forgetting "verification" as a human being.
ARAKI, Hajime

YAMADA, Toshihiko / 山田敏彦

Position Professor, Manager of Experiment Farm
My work As Manager of the University of Hokkaido Experiment Farm my responsibility is management and administration of the farm’s operations. The farm consists of 58 ha and serves multiple functions as an attractive greenbelt for, citizens and visitors of Sapporo and to provide land for research designed to enhance the agricultural practices and productivity of Hokkaido agriculture. I have focused on the integrated use of the Farm as a vehicle for student education and for cutting-edge research in agriculture and the development of sources of renewable energy while protecting it as a traditional and historical landmark.
Profile I was born in the Gifu Prefecture. Earlier in my career I worked on the breeding of improved forage crops at several Research Stations controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries [Morioka city, Nagasaka town (Yamanashi), and Sapporo] before my appointment to the Experiment Farm. At the University of Hokkaido my research has focused on the breeding and cultivation of bioenergy crops, especially species of the grass Miscanthus. Since 2005 my research has aimed to establish efficient and low cost feedstock biomass production for cool environments like those found in Hokkaido. I have travelled throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa to collect seeds from genetically diverse Miscanthus populations for use as bioenergy cultivars. During my travels I have had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of rural landscapes throughout Japan. It is my wish that the beautiful rural landscapes of Japan’s paddy fields and Miscanthus pastures continue forever.
Message Wear the ability to find the problems from your own and to solve them by yourself from student days. Go abroad actively and do the best to compete with the World. Please realize the goodness of Japan as well.
YAMADA, Toshihiko

HOSHINO, Yoichiro / 星野 洋一郎

Position Associate Professor
My work My research topic is plant breeding of horticultural crops. I am also interested in fertilization process in higher plants. Now, I try to develop novel cultivars by evaluating and selecting wild plant genetic resources in Hokkaido area. For details, please see my website.
Profile My hobby is mountain hiking by seeing wild flowers.
Message My study activity covers molecular works to field research. Join us !
HOSHINO, Yoichiro

HIRATA, Toshiyuki / 平田 聡之

Position Assistant professor
My work I'm a staff of crop production. My study field is agroecosystem of crop production. I am interested in interactions between nutrient cycle and cropping system now.
Profile I have been here for about twenty years. I like Hokkaido.  In summer, I work in outdoor for field research in most day. If you hope to meet me,  you should look over the field.
Message The experiment farm has a good field for agricultural investigation. If you hope to learn crop production,  please visit our laboratory.
HIRATA, Toshiyuki


Position Assistant professor
My work My research topics are a relationship between a difference of cow’s feed and milk quality including sensory properties, and developing an efficient grazing system for dairy cows in the viewpoint of animal nutrition and management.
Profile I was born in Kyoto. My life in Hokkaido University has been already 20 years. I like to spend time at small garden in my home and DIY. Also, I like drinking with famililiar friends. When cows graze on pasture in summer season, I feel that the dairy farming is excellent.
Message I like visiting various dairy farmers in a local area of Hokkaido. I hope making characteristical milk products based on each “Terroir” of local area in Hokkaido.