Our activity to support field research

The Experiment Farm belongs to, Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, Hokkaido University. The Experiment Farm in Sapporo occupies 58 ha arable field where is located in two places in Sapporo campus (First Farm / about 35 ha, and Second Farm / about 23 ha).
Yoichi Orchard, the branch of the Experiment Farm, is located in the Yoichi town, where is a distance of about 60km from Sapporo. The cultivated acreage of the Yoichi Orchard is a 5.7 ha.
Our Organization is composed of five faculty members (two professors, one associate professor, and two assistant professors) and technical staff of 22 persons.

The location at the main campus allows the Experiment Farm to be an advantage in to promote interdisciplinary research with every faculty in Hokkaido University. Especially, the Experiment Farm can support education and research in Faculty of Agriculture (School of Agriculture / Graduate School of Agriculture / Research Faculty of Agriculture).
For graduate education, faculty members belong to the course in Agro-ecosystem Science, Division of Biosphere Science, the Graduate School of Environmental Sciences. We are conducting educational research by evaluating and improving biological resources, and developing management techniques for sustainable agricultural production, and contributing energy production in agriculture sector.

Farm equipment

  • Building
  • Garage
  • Hangar
  • Dairy production research facility (barn, metabolism measurement chamber, bio-gas plant, etc.)
  • Pig and poultry production research facility (piggery, poultry house)
  • Agri-Food Center (processing facilities of agricultural products and livestock products)
  • Horticultural facility
  • Sericulture room

Crop acreage (2012)


Rice 120a
Wheat 23a
Sweet corn 59a
Potatoes 81a
Beans 64a
Other 56a

Vegetables and Fruit Trees (Sapporo)

Asparagus 22a
(tomato, strawberry etc. )
Mulberry 139a
Fruit Trees
(apple, pear etc.)

Yoichi Orchard

Apple 290a
Pear 30a
Grape 24a
Haskap 52a
Edible Cherry 22a
Blueberry 30a
Raspberry etc. 15a

Field of feed for cattle and pigs

Pasture 14.5ha
Dent corn 7.3ha
Green manure 0.5ha

Livestock herd size (2013)

Poultry Total 278
208 70
Pigs piglet Total 10
1 3 6
Cattle lactating dairy cow dry cow heifer other Total 44
12 11 14 7
Sheep Total 27