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Important NOTE:Preventative Measures for the Novel Coronavirus at Akkeshi Marine Station( May 14, 2021)
Due to the wide spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Hokkaido, Japan, Hokkaido University has raised again its own Alert Level defined in the BCP (Business Continuity Plan During Coronavirus Outbreak) from Level 2 to Level 3 on May 14, 2021. Given the circumstances, our dormitory facilities and Aikappu Museum of Natural History are temporarily closed. We really appreciate your understanding.

・04/09/2021:Updated member page.
・04/09/2021:Satoru made great movie for Akkeshi Marine station. Posted it on toppage. Many thanks, Satoru!

・07/24/2019:Updated member page. Syrmalenia, special auditor of Hokkaido University, joined!
・04/22/2019:Updated member page. Daphne who is a member of GAME2019 joined!
・04/01/2019:Updated member page. Two undergraduate students, Uki and Satoru, joined!

・11/16/2018:Updated member page. Dr.Ippei Suzuki joined!
・10/31~11/2/2018:Annual meeting of marine laboratory technician meeting was held in AMS.
・10/15/2018:Updated member page. Dr. Angela L. Quiros joined!
・09/03/2018:Updated cover photo taken by multicopter. Special thanks to Dr.Kida, Kyushu Univ.
・07/30/2018:New Facebook account for Aikappu Museum of Natural History is now open! -->Click here
・05/02/2018:Aikappu Museum of Natural History, Hokkaido University is now open (till 31th Oct.).
・04/10~13/2018:Completed advanced first aid course. Specail thanks to Naoko Kochi and staffs for Akkeshi Fire Station!
・04/03/2018:Renewed our offical website.
・03/16/2018:Congratulations to Haruka Yamaguchi who got Bset Award in ESJ65!! --> Check!
・02/10/2018:Dr.Yorisue gave a talk on his research in a seminor for environmental problem of Akkeshi Town.

【Application for open summer course, job announcement for post-doc, , etc.】

・02/17/2020:Recruiting participants for the following Internatinal summer courses (HSI2020).
We will open the international summer courses in Akkeshi Marine Station, Hokkaido University in July 2020. This year, we invite Dr. Siti Maryam Yaakub as a special lecturer and we will study ecosystem connectivity in coastal habitats, including seagrass meadows.
--> International Course on Integrated Marine Biology and Ecology II
--> International Course on Integrated Marine Biology and Ecology III

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Monitoring data on SST and Chl at AMS pier