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International Summer Course on integrated marine biology and ecology

We provide an international summer course to share our expertise with B.A. and M.S. students in English. Another course 'Special course for field science II' will be held in the Akkeshi marine station. Detailed information is here.


Part I:

Course title International Summer Course I

Chikako Nagasato (Muroran Marine Station, Hokkaido Univ.)
Kensuke Ichihara (Muroran Marine Station, Hokkaido Univ.)

Invited lecturer LIM PHAIK EEM (Univeresity of Malaya)
GIUSEPPE ZUCCARELLO (Victoria University of Wellington)
Course content (examples)

・Field sampling and making dry specimens of various algae

・Marine ecological survey with quadrat
・Measurement of algal photosynthesis activities
・Analysis of photosynthetic pigments from colorful algae
・Microscopic observation of algal cells

・Molecular phylogenetic analysis

・Groupe discussion and presentation

Period From 9 to 16 July, 2021
Place Muroran Marine Station
Target Graduate and Master course students from educational institutions
Quota 10 students
Credit Offer certificate
Application Contact us with the following address
Deadline 26, May, 2021
Expense Contact us with the following address

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