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In our laboratory, we study about the cell biology and molecular biology of brown algae. Brown algae classified to Stramenopile possess complicated life cycle and reproductive mechanisms. These marine organisms are responsible for the carbon fixation in costal marine environment. Furthermore, they are capable of absorbing heavy metals, Nitrogen and Phosphorus and it might be possible to use them for bioremediation.
Brown algae are known as one of the biggest aquatic photosynthetic organisms and their unique cell walls composed of polysaccharide enable to support their huge body. We are now focusing on 6 topics to understand the system of formation and maintenance for the multicellularity in brown algae; 1) formation of cytokinesis plane, 2) function and structure of the plasmodesmata, 3) proteomics of cell wall proteins, 4) structures and formation mechanisms of reproductive cells, 5) recognition of male and female gametes and 6) multiple culture conditions for effective maturation and growth.

proteomics of cell wall proteins

Under construction.

Proteomics of cell wall proteins

Structures and formation mechanisms of reproductive cells

Proteomics of cell wall proteins

Multiple culture conditions for effective maturation and growth

Recognition of male and female gametes

Multiple culture conditions for effective maturation and growth




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