Muroran Marine Station FSC Hokkaido University


Hokkaido is surrounded by two major currents; cold Oyashio current in the Pacific Ocean and warm Tsushima current in the Sea of Japan. In front of Akkeshi Marine Station, there is usually a blanched current from Oyashio current. Sometimes, in the end of summer, warm Soya current reaches around Akkeshi costal region and affect the water temperature. On the other hand, Muroran locates in front of mixing point of cold Oyashio current and warm Tsugaru current. The origin of sea water and the proportion of two currents in Muroran costal region seasonally change. For example, cold Oyashio current come into Muroran area in early Spring and warm Tsugaru current occupies the region in the end of Summer. Thus, Akkeshi and Muroran Marine Stations have different sea water status and seasonal transition. Such complex environments allow to maintain their rich biodiversity and ecosystems.

Annual mean sea water temperature in Muroran is here.


Fields in Muroran


When you come up to the hill, sandy beach between rocky shores are below your eyes. In sand shore, many patches of sea glass bed with marine organisms are formed. In rocky shores, there are a lot of green red, and brown algae. Sandy and rocky shores allows us to find various algae, sea glasses and marine organisms in short time. Approach to the cost line is really easy and it only takes 10 minutes walk from the Muroran Marine Station. We usually come here for our daily sampling and practice courses.



Our marine station was in front of this field before. It means that this algal field is much beautiful, natural and rich. We believe here is one of the best field for algal research. However, approach to this field is not easy and it takes much time.



Here is the field next to the Charatsunai-hama and condition of the field is quite similar with the Charatsunai-hama. Here is also really rich algal field. Approach to this rocky shore is also not so easy but better than Charatsunai-hama. It takes 20 minutes walk from the marine statio and you need to go down with the path like a mountain trail for 10 minutes.