Muroran Marine Station FSC Hokkaido University


  • Chikako NAGASATO, Ph.D. Professor/Director

    Chikako NAGASATO, Ph.D.  Associate Professor
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    Research Subjects
    • ・Formation of cytokinetic plane in brown algal
    • ・Structures and functions of brown algal plasmodesmata
  • Kensuke ICHIHARA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

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    Research Subjects
    • ・Sexual and asexual reproduction in Ulvales
    • ・Phylogeny and taxonomy in Green seaweeds
  • Yusuke HORINOUCHI, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

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    Research Subjects
    • ・Life cycle diversification in green seaweeds
    • ・Reproduction and development of ulvophycean algae
  • Teruo TOMIOKA, Technician

  • Saeko KITABAYASHI, Administrative assistant


  • Shen YUAN Postdoc

    Research Subjects
    • ・ Cytoplasmic inheritance of organelles in anisogamous brown algae
  • Rina YONAMINE Postdoc

    Research Subjects
    • ・ Synthesis of cell wall components through the life cycle in brown algae
  • Hinako AOKI, PhD student

  • Kengo SAWA, Master student


  • Taizo MOTOMURA, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus

    Taizo MOTOMURA, Ph.D.  Professor/Director
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    Research Subjects
    • ・Development of reproductive cells in brown algae
    • ・Flagellar structures and recognition of male and female gametes in Hetelokonts
    • ・Survey of culture conditions for efficient growth and maturation
  • [Alumni]

  • Nana TERAUCHI Ph.D.

    Research Subjects
    • ・Flagellar movement and ultrastructures of brown algal swammers
  • Kazumasa YAMADA Ph.D.

    Research Subjects
    • ・Morpho-physiological analysis of cell division and siliceous wall formation in Parmales
  • Minori HARADA Master student

  • Hiroki KAWAMOTO Master student

  • Makoto TERAUCHI Ph.D.

    Research Subjects
    • ・Ultrastructures of brown algal cell wall
  • Gang FU Ph.D.

    Research Subjects
    • ・Identification of flagellar protein and flagellar development in brown algae