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Come join the course in aquatic biology!

Hokkaido is a rich nesting ground for aquatic life affected by the Oyashio, Tsushima, and Tsugaru currents and extending inland into its various lakes and marshes. In order to cover all aspects of the environment, facilities for academic research have been put in place where each program operates. This course is managed by NB-FSC faculty scattered in stations throughout Hokkaido carrying out academic research. Students in the graduate program are assigned to work closely with their faculty advisors working collaboratively towards their goal.

Course in Environmental Aquatic Biology Facilities

Field Science for Northern Biosphere Hokkaido University (Sapporo) Oshoro Marine Station (Otaru) Toya Lake Station (Toya) NANAE Freshwater Laboratory (Nanae) Laboratory of Marine Ecosystem Change Analysis (Hakodate) Usujiri Fisheries Station (Hakodate) Muroran Marine Station (Muroran) Akkeshi Marine Station (Akkeshi)

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