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Welcome to Akkeshi Marine Station offical Website!

【What' New】

・2019. 7.24:Updated member page. Syrmalenia, special auditor of Hokkaido University, joined!
・2019. 4.22:Updated member page. Daphne who is a member of GAME2019 joined!
・2019. 4.1:Updated member page. Two undergraduate students, Uki and Satoru, joined!

・2018. 11.16:Updated member page. Dr.Ippei Suzuki joined!
・2018. 10.31~11.2:Annual meeting of marine laboratory technician meeting was held in AMS.
・2018. 10.15:Updated member page. Dr. Angela L. Quiros joined!
・2018. 9.3:Updated cover photo taken by multicopter. Special thanks to Dr.Kida, Kyushu Univ.
・2018. 7.30:New Facebook account for Aikappu Museum of Natural History is now open! -->Click here
・2018. 5. 2:Aikappu Museum of Natural History, Hokkaido University is now open (till 31th Oct.).
・2018. 4.10, 13:Completed advanced first aid course. Specail thanks to Naoko Kochi and staffs for Akkeshi Fire Station!
・2018. 4. 3:Renewed our offical website.
・2018. 3.16:Congratulations to Haruka Yamaguchi who got Bset Award in ESJ65!! --> Check!
・2018. 2.10:Dr.Yorisue gave a talk on his research in a seminor for environmental problem of Akkeshi Town.

【Job announcement for post-doc, application for open summer course, etc.】

・2019. 2.15:Recruiting participants for the following Internatinal summer courses (HSI2019).
--> International Course on Integrated Marine Biology and Ecology II: Marine Ecology of Seagrass and Seaweed Communities
--> International Course on Integrated Marine Biology and Ecology III: Marine Ecology of Plankton Community
(There is a possibility of some scholarship to cover travel fee for some students in Asian countries. Please contact Prof. Massa Nakaoka for futher information (nakaoka[at]

・2018. 3.19:Recruiting participants for Internatinal summer course 2018. -->Click here for more information
・2017. 12.28:Recruiting participants for GAME project 2018. Please contact Prof.Nakaoka (See Member page).

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Monitoring data on SST and Chl at AMS pier