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Members of Nakaoka Lab

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  1. Occupation
  2. Research Theme
  3. E-mail Address
  4. Others

Masahiro NAKAOKA (Massa, Seabee)

  1. Professor
  2. Marine community ecology, Marine benthic ecology
  3. nakaoka "at"
  4. Publication List CV

Tomonori ISADA

  1. Assistant Professor
  2. Biological oceanography, Physiological ecology of phytoplankton, Dynamics of pelagic ecosystems analyzed by remote sensing
  3. t-isada"at"

Takefumi YORISUE

  1. Assistant Professor
  2. Experimental ecology, larval ecology of barnacles
  3. yorisue"at"

Yuichi ISAKA

  1. Post-Doctoral Fellow
  2. Community ecology in rocky shore, Development of field experimental systems
  3. y_isaka "at"

Hyojin Ahn

  1. Post-Doctoral Fellow
  2. Study on coastal ecosystem services and ocean acidification
  3. ahn "at"

Kenji Sudo

  1. Ph.D Candidate
  2. Broad-scale analyses of marine biodiversity and ecosystem services

Minako ITO

  1. Ph.D course student
  2. Biodiversity and ecosystem functions of eelgrass beds

Mizuho NAMBA

  1. Ph.D course student
  2. Ecosystem functions and services of eelgrass beds


  1. Master Course student
  2. Effects of temperature rise on coastal communities


  1. Undergraduate student
  2. Effects of microplastics on benthic animals


  1. Undergraduate student
  2. Benthic community ecology in Arctic Ocean


  1. Undergraduate student
  2. Effects of temperature rise on marine plant-animal interactions
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