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The station consists of 3 buildings with a total of over 2,300 m2 of floor space and a boat house. Facilities include 3 staff's office rooms, 2 guest laboratories, 2 class rooms, an ecology laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, an analysis laboratory, 2 sea animal culture rooms, an electron microscope room, a clean room, 3 constant temperate rooms, 2 photographic darkrooms, a commuter room, a meeting room, a machine shop, a library, a graduate student room, and an administrative office. Several laboratories are supplied with running seawater. An adjacent wildlife area of 400,000 m2 including climax forests belongs to the station for conservation and field studies.

The station keeps a museum of natural history that has more than 2,000 specimens, animals and plants mostly collected from the vicinity. It is open to the public from May to October.

Dormitory facilities consists of a dining room, 2 bath rooms, and bed/tatami rooms for 40 persons. Board is supplied from June to August, in general. For details consult to the clerk. In the other months, visitors need supply for themselves, since board cannot be supplied. A kitchen and cooking tools are available for visitors.

Research and teaching facilities include a scanning electron microscope, biological microscopes (stereoscopic-, phase-contrast-, and fluorescence-microscopes), centrifuges (ultrahigh speed, high speed, refrigerated, micro), spectro-photometers, a fluorometer, fraction-collectors. HPLC, lyophilizer, and equipment for gel electrophoresis. TV monitor and video camera systems, macroscope, and binoculars for wildlife observations, pH meters, DO meter, ST meter, a set of Winkler oxygen measurement, plankton net, Smith-McIntyre bottom sampler, small seine, and other equipment for field studies are also available.

The station maintains 3 boats, the New Misago (HP 540 kw, 13.15 m, capacity 30), the Dolphin No.2 (55 hp, 4.4 m, capacity 7), and a small boat, Yamaha, with an outboard engine.

New Misagomaru

Application for visitors

The station is open every time for all scientists wishing to work in this station. An application for lodging and usage of the facilities must be submitted in advance to the Director.