(May, 2005)

@ Name:@Takashi Saitoh (male)
Date of birth: September 28, 1955
Citizenship: Japanese

Main institutional Affiliation
Field Science Center, Hokkaido University
Professor Ph D.
Languages: Speaks and writes English.

Higher Education

1978:    Undergraduate degree at Hokkaido University (biology, zoology, ecology)
1978-86:     Graduate studies in applied zoology and ecology (Hokkaido University)
1986:     Dr. Philos. at Hokkaido University on a study on population ecology of microtine rodents


1986-1988:     Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
1988-2001:      Researcher at Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.
2001-2007:      Associate Professor of Field Science at Hokkaido University.
2007-Present:     Professor of Field Science at Hokkaido University.
1994:      Visiting Scholar, the University of Oslo (Department of Biology).
1997:      Visiting Scholar, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

Membership in academic societies

1995-present:      Elected committee member of the Mammalogical Society of Japan
1997-present:      Elected committee member of the Society of Population Ecology
2002-present:      Elected committee member of the Ecological Society of Japan
2005:     Secretary General of the Ninth International Mammalogical Congress
2009-present:      Vice-President, International Federation of Mammalogists

Editorial Boards

1991-present:      Editorial board of Population Ecology (=Researches on Population Ecology) (Japan)
1993-2004:      Chief Editor of Mammal Study (Japan)
2007-present:     Chief Editor of Population Ecology (Japan)

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