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A series of study and education has been carried out on the land-used livestock production system aiming to harmonize with ecosystem. The research conducted at the Farm includes: studies on keeping native Hokkaido horses; high roughage feeding system for growing and fattening cattle; management system of grazing cattle in sloped pastures; behavioral studies of grazing animals in mountainous sloped lands; physico-chemical properties of the meadow soil; runoff on hill slope grassland.

Graduate students determining grazing behavior on woodland pasture in autumn

Research subjects in 2010
  1. Beef production with high-roughage feeding system included grazing
  2. Herbage production & nitrogen cycle in contiguous grazing on hilly pastures
  3. Monitoring on emission of greenhouse effect gases from pasture soil
  4. Dispersion of feed-crop growth relating with soil structure in wet fields
  5. Conservation & application of Hokkaido native horses
  6. Conservation & rehabilitation of forest-ecosystem using with livestock
  7. Effective shooting system for wild deer to control their population

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